And I have to accept it: I have to make do with the Indonesia Phone Number List systems and processes that the tax authorities impose on me. I don’t know about others, but it makes me a bit rebellious and grumpy. That must not be pleasant for those people at the Tax Authorities? Nasty Indonesia Phone Number List people on the line. It is not surprising that they also seem to speak to me with a certain bias. Mutual distrust as a basis for a conversation. That’s no fun for anyone. And it doesn’t lead to solutions either. Thomas Hobbes Bregman argues that it is not surprising that we assume such a negative view of humanity. We have been doing this since the British philosopher Thomas Hobbes told us in the seventeenth century.

You Could Say

In his main work Leviathan , Hobbes paints a picture of evil Indonesia Phone Number List people who have to give up part of their freedom and hand it over to an absolute ruler in exchange for peace and security. In short, civilization is just a thin layer of varnish and we need leaders Indonesia Phone Number List to show us the way. Moving away from that idea because most people are good leads to radical conclusions, according to Bregman. The existence of CEOs, directors and managers in organizations is based on a widespread view of humanity that – according to Bregman – may not be correct. In his book Most people virtues (aff.) and in his theater tour he shows with countless examples that his conviction is worth it.

Not Because

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And as I said in my previous blog: I’m a Indonesia Phone Number List believer . Also read: Get rid of mistrust, most people are good Norwegian prisons The example of Bregman that makes me think the most is that of the Norwegian prisons . And especially the prison on the Indonesia Phone Number List island of Bastøy. In Bastøy there are mainly long-term prisoners (murderers, rapists). There is no fence around the island and the beach is public area. Security is minimal, the prisoners live in houses to which they have the key themselves. The prisoners run their own businesses on the island as much as possible. They have their own fishing boat, construction workshop, carpentry workshop, laundry and library.

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