There is a small bus company and a ferry service to the Iran Phone Number List mainland. Bastøy’s premise is that most criminals can and will change, as long as you give them their own responsibilities and dare to treat them as equals. In 11 years 2 men have fled. The recidivism rate on Bastøy is less than 30 percent, while in Norway it is around 70 percent. In the Netherlands, that percentage is even around 80. The figures show it: is your goal to rehabilitate prisoners and successfully return them to society? Then the Norwegian approach works better than anywhere else in the world.

Of A Dictatorial Regime

Where is the satisfaction? If you’d like to learn more about that Iran Phone Number List approach, check out Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next . A comment that Bregman himself also makes, is the satisfaction for the victims. Prisons are of course not only there to allow people to successfully return to society. They should also be punished and the victims should feel something of Iran Phone Number List reparation. You may wonder whether this is still (sufficiently) the case with Bastøy. If even serious criminals can improve relationships by giving them responsibilities and treating them as equals, how successful would such an approach be with benevolent citizens?

But Because

Iran Phone Number List

I think we can’t believe our luck. Civil servants are good Iran Phone Number List too Despite all the recent incidents at various government organizations – the allowance affair at the Tax and Customs Administration first – I believe that most people, citizens and civil servants, do their best to be good. But it is not always made easy for them. Haro Kraak recently wrote a nice article Iran Phone Number List about this in the Volkskrant. National Ombudsman Reinier van Zutphen also talked about it in the first Digital Citizenship Lecture (highly recommended, but beware: it takes almost an hour and a half!). He points out that governments usually opt for systems that make their work easy, convenient and smart, without taking sufficient account of ‘the other side’, i.e. whether it works for the citizen.

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