Governments in the Netherlands have a wrong view India Phone Number List of humanity, with the Tax and Customs Administration affair at the forefront. Do you treat citizens as fraudsters? Then they will behave like that. How do you break that impasse? How do you start from trust? After an evening Rutger Bregman in the theater I am sure: governments and public organizations in India Phone Number List the Netherlands assume the wrong view of man. Not all UWV customers and taxpayers are fraudsters, not everyone tries to lift the insurance. Most people do their best to be good and want to be in line. Or as Bregman puts it: “We have a good leg and a bad leg, how you behave depends on which leg you train.” And therein lies the problem.

Employees Are Treated

Governments train that bad leg too often. If you treat a suspicious India Phone Number List person as a potential fraudster, he or she will act the same way. Not good, but it’s how it works. And if we start from the picture that Bregman paints. Then it is a matter of training the right leg more often. Only in this way can we break the catch 22 of mutual mistrust. And because it is more difficult to change India Phone Number List 18 million citizens. It is better for practical reasons to start with the 4,000 governments in the Netherlands. Starting with the tax authorities. distrust trust. Act normal I experienced a good example of training each other’s wrong leg last week when I called the Belastingtelefoon.

Like Dogs

India Phone Number List

It took 20 minutes to get someone on the line. After having told India Phone Number List my story, it turned out that I had not made the right choice in the selection menu, I would be put through. But I didn’t feel like waiting that long again. My question whether I could perhaps be called India Phone Number List back was met with jeering laughter: “Sir, please act normal…” Was my question so crazy? I admit, I was a bit irritated and of course I knew deep down that the tax authorities would not call me. The longer I think about it, the more ‘normal’ I find my question. They determine what the rules are and what is normal.

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