Visual, Interactive & Entertaining With the increase in the number Romania Phone Number List of millennials and Gen Z employees in the workplace, the world of internal communication is changing. Gen Z are ‘ online gluttons ‘, millennials are adventurous and love entertainment. Then you won’t get that far with old means of communication. A weekly newsletter and long, boring articles are not Romania Phone Number List the entertainment or adventure that millennials and Gen Agency Nielsen Eight Different Z are looking for. In addition, old communication tools are nothing like the way millennials and Gen Z normally get their daily dose of information.

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Moreover, not only millennials and gen Z. Even baby Romania Phone Number List boomers and gen X are increasingly using the internet. Social media for their own entertainment. But what makes social media so much fun? They are visual and interactive. So: if you want your news to actually reach your employees, make it a bit more adventurous. Visual and interactive news is Romania Phone Number List doing well. Use visual storytelling , gifs or photos. Provide opportunities for interaction, such as an option to comment on your news posts. Share infographics. Videos or embrace gamification . Provide dynamism! Whatever internal communication trends are playing in this new year. Good internal communication will continue to be an important factor in 2020 that contributes to the involvement and satisfaction of your employees.

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A trend that continues year after year! The start of the new Romania Phone Number List year is perfect for looking back at five striking PR moments from 2019. Because who doesn’t love lists? From ‘the biggest PR disaster of all time’ to ‘female-unfriendly cauliflowers. A $120,000 banana. Did these PR moments stay with you too? 1. The PR disaster of the year: Prince Andrew’s interview with the Romania Phone Number List BBC Let’s start with a good example of what not to do. Prince Andrew’s interview with the BBC about his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. According to many communications professionals , “one of the greatest PR disasters of all time.” The Prince’s intention was to restore his reputation to the general public as soon as possible.

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