This also became clear when Tesla’s portfolio was expanded to include Kuwait Phone Number List batteries and solar panels. The formulation therefore had to be broadened to: ‘ To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy’. Image of a Tesla car. At Tesla, the wording had to be adjusted after expanding the portfolio to include solar panels and batteries. From that moment on, the ‘why’ of the brand went beyond sustainable mobility. Sport Another lovely couple, now in the sports world. Nike: ‘ To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world’ . Competitor Under Armor’s purpose is: ‘ Empower Athletes Everywhere’ . Can you feel the difference?


The Formulation

Financial analyzes of companies that have a clear purpose and live Kuwait Phone Number List by it, show that these companies have performed significantly better in recent years than companies without purpose . A good encouragement for those who go for profit maximization. Give purpose the people! Then the money flows to the P&L. The paradox: companies with a purpose earn more money. Even if that is not the purpose. With that in mind, you can safely enter your purpose session. It does require the necessary outside-in reflection. After all, despite all good intentions, what matters is that there is a market for your higher purpose. The aforementioned Peter Drucker pointed out decades ago that the purpose of every company is.

Therefore Had to Be

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