Normally you might publish content in the morning when your target audience is on their way to work, during the lunch break or maybe after work. But the routine of your target group changes during the summer period. It is therefore very important to have a good idea of ​​the days and times on which you publish your content during this period. When would be a logical time to share your content? Also read: Avoid a Summer Slump: 15 Social Media Content Ideas [Infographic] Of course your traffic and interaction will not be as much as before, but of course you want to attract as many visitors as possible.

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Otherwise, you will miss opportunities to reach your target audience. And they might even forget you. 2. Adjust your content for the holidays It is smart to adjust the type of content you share with your target group during the holidays. For example, you can choose Portugal Phone Number to adjust the content form . Think, for example, of sharing more videos instead of articles. This is often easier to consume if your target audience is on vacation or your B2B client’s office work is on the back burner.

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Reading content often requires more effort and attention from your audience. Your target group does not feel like that so quickly when they are on vacation. All you have to do is play a video. That is why it might also be an idea to release podcasts during this period. This only has to turn on your target group and they can listen to it when they are by the pool on vacation . They can also make the content lighter. You can share thought leadership content that is a little less serious and fun to consume. You can do this, for example, by publishing a summer special dedicated to a specific theme in your industry.

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