Buy impressions To illustrate, I can set up a Private Auction in DoubleClick (DSP) with DPG offering it through Xandr (SSP). In this deal they include the formats, but also the target group and possibly the desired domains. As long as I don’t add anything on my side, the DSP side, everything is fine. However, as soon as I add data that only Google can really recognize, such as the language setting, things Egypt Phone Number quickly go wrong. That could just be the reason that no bid request meets your settings and you therefore purchase very few impressions. If I can set so little on my end, why not just buy my impressions guaranteed? Via a Guaranteed Deal or a Managed direct purchase? Via the Programmatic Guaranteed you will receive data directly into DoubleClick or your other DSP.

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Then you can build real-time dashboards. Only let that argument become debatable due to the innovations of parties such as Azerion and DPG, which are working hard on APIs and self-serve platforms. The innovations of De Persgroep Media It’s a poorly kept secret that DPG is dissatisfied with Google’s SSP and would like to say goodbye to it. In 2021 it slowly became clearer why they are still waiting. They want to make the alternative as Belgium Phone Number attractive as possible for advertisers. And to be fair, she succeeded. De Persgroep already has a platform (DataLAb) where you can create your own target group segments and prepare them for a campaign. You can manage this or have it booked through your DSP. These segments come directly from the available data from DPG. Even cooler is that you can upload your own data from your own customers and match it with all logged in DPG users. Fully anonymized and AVG-proof of course.

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Smart bots read pages and match the content to your keyword lists. This gives you a better chance of a greater reach, but you can also exclude “dangerous” terms for your brand. Finally, De Persgroep is working on more platforms (including a creation and self-service purchasing platform) with the intention of combining all these resources (and more) under one comprehensive platform: DPG Ads. If you thought we were already there… In the near future, the major publishers will also migrate all these tools to a self-serve platform where you can manage your campaigns yourself. They actually give you every reason to buy directly from them, but then you are in control yourself.

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