Keep your target audience fascinated for several weeks in a row. This way you can also choose to go a little more in-depth and go into interesting Ukraine Phone Number List details and background information in each part of the series. 4. Make it Visual We used to mainly write a lot, now we need more visual content. To transform those old texts into appealing infographics, animations, and other visual content.

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5. Reuse Content for Guest Blogs If you’re an authority in a particular field, feel free to reuse your existing content for guest blogging. You can very well rewrite the existing content and supplement it with other examples to still arrive at an interesting article. Tip: delve into the target group of the relevant medium and adjust your style and tone-of-voice accordingly.

Due to the Lack of Corridors

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Recycling content: are you going to make it more sustainable? Dust off those old pearls and think about what you can do with them. Rewrite and supplement? Transform into a beautiful video series? Or visualize in an appealing infographic? I hope I have inspired you to look at your old work from a different perspective. I will therefore not venture into a traditional view of trends and prospects, which I did in the past.