Anyone Simply a Related Monologue who maintains a personal brand online can feel trapped by the brand they now expect to maintain. One example is Jojo Siwa, 16, about to enter an age where it is difficult to maintain a personal brand that features her signature ponytail. (Her merchandise is primarily for 6-year-old girls who shop at Claire’s.) Childhood is a critical time—are we giving these kids the space and freedom to change if they want? What if the brand partner asks otherwise?

So, Who Is In Charge


I believe profiting from child influencers is actually profiting from decisions to keep kids in a consumerist, materialistic attitude. Of course, this is an Mexico Phone Number option that is free and available to you. But, morally speaking, is it worth it?

The ecosystem consists of platforms, Mexico Phone Number performers, parents, and publicists.

Simply a Related Monologue I respect the self-made clamor of parents seeking to take advantage of the opportunities available to them and their children. However, in Mexico Phone Number the end it falls on them to protect their children from exploitation.


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Engagement, and ad revenue, their Mexico Phone Number stance is naturally “evolutionary”:

“Influencer marketing is constantly evolving and we are committed to working. With regulators, brands and influencers to develop best practices and execution.” – Instagram spokesperson for CBS News

We really can’t leave it to them. Simply a Related Monologue However, brands Mexico Phone Number do have an opportunity — and a responsibility — to make ethical decisions. Katelyn has some advice for brands engaging with child influencers:

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