It might still be possible to continue using France Mobile Number Google Analytics. That seems unlikely to me. While Google may make further adjustments in an effort to address concerns from European privacy regulators. It is virtually impossible to change some fundamentals – as described above – while also preserving Google’s business model. It, therefore, seems that Dutch organizations France Mobile Number should look for alternatives, as the AP already advises. This is what Lisette Meij, director of Privacy Verifi, an initiative of ICTRecht, says.

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“The rules that apply to Google Analytics France Mobile Number naturally apply to all suppliers of analytics platforms with the same working method. The conclusion of the various regulators that the use of Google Analytics is not in line with the GDPR should therefore be broadened. Make sure that you as an organization are well informed about the working method of an analytics platform. Before you start France Mobile Number using it. It is the user (i.e. the website) who is responsible for the various tools use on the website”.

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By far the best option is to move to an EU-based analytics France Mobile Number platform that protects user data. Provides secure hosting, ideally in an EU data center. This offers the best guarantee that data is collect, store and process according to the guidelines of the GDPR. Fortunately, there are several alternatives, both paid and free, that meet these conditions. For organizations that need more France Mobile Number advanced analytics. Such as funnels, user flows and attribution modeling.  Piwik PRO Analytics Suite is an excellent solution.

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