When we talk about great strategists who have made marketing a fundamental part of their companies and their success, we usually talk about big companies and big CEOs, executives of firms that bill billions of euros and that managed to impact in a great way. not only among consumers but also  Sweden Phone Number List in the decisions that other companies make. All of this makes it seem like you can only be a marketing genius if you have huge amounts of money behind you, have overwhelming budgets, and have tremendous muscle from being a one-size-fits-all company.

However, things are not so exclusive and the reality is much more ‘friendly’ for firms of many and more varied sizes. Marketing and having a good strategy in this field are not exclusive elements of large companies, but must also be present in all other firms. If you want to succeed, if you want to reach the consumer, you cannot leave anything to chance and that definitely means working to know what to say and what to do and the exact moment when all of this should happen. That is, all this necessarily implies having a marketing strategy.

The key is in the consumers. It matters little whether one has a reach of millions of people or just a few hundred. All brands have consumers and, therefore, all of them have to connect with them and must try to be as efficient as possible in their effort to establish those links and connections. And once you have consumers (or aspire to) and want to do things to establish connections with them, marketing has entered the equation.

Connecting with the consumer always means having a marketing and advertising strategy behind you (even when you are not fully aware of it: the corner bar, with its appetizing tapas and neat menu signs, is doing nothing more than a marketing strategy. ).

As time has passed and as brand managers, whatever their size, have been accessing more and more information, they have become more and more aware of the importance of both marketing and advertising. like knowing what is expected to be done at all times. Small companies are increasingly aware that they have to work to connect with the consumer and that this cannot be left to chance, which has led them to also be more aware of the importance of having a strategy and the need to connect with consumers in a much more organized and efficient way.

The example of social media

Seeing what has happened to social media helps you understand this point much better and how small businesses have changed over the years. Every time, small companies and brands are more and more aware that their consumers are on social networks and that to contact them it is not enough to simply post a few things on Facebook or Twitter.

Gradually, small companies have begun to incorporate strategies, to be increasingly efficient measuring what they do and what they say and above all to set goals and establish measurement elements to know what results they are obtaining. Social networks are left less and less to chance and are less and less in the hands of what happens every day. No matter how small the company is, its managers already know that they have to think about what they hope to achieve and how they hope to achieve it.

This, which in the environment of social networks has begun to be seen very clearly, is what should happen in the other scenarios and is what is already beginning to happen. Companies, no matter how small, are becoming more and more aware of the importance of measuring their steps, setting goals, and being faithful to these issues.

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