The metaverse was born as a utopia  but currently Cyprus Phone Number runs along dystopian paths. In their most utopian version (which is not what Zuckerberg and Kotick have in mind) virtual worlds can be incredibly liberating. There we are all equal potential and Cyprus Phone Number we are not judged.  Our physical appearance.  It is the dream of a virtual space where the hierarchies and limitations of the real world collapse.

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Less inane existence can live extremely exciting and enriching. However  and since Cyprus Phone Number utopias are rather mere entelechies.  It is more than evident that virtual worlds are not Cyprus Phone Number necessarily better than the real world . Such worlds are by no means alien to scourges such as labor Cyprus Phone Number exploitation  misogyny  homophobia  and racism .

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The idea that the metaverse will Cyprus Phone Number magically solve.  All the problems that plague people in the real world is wishful thinking. It Cyprus Phone Number could not be otherwise if we take into account that the metaverse is nothing but a reflection of the people who are building this concept with their money, some people who live completely with their Cyprus Phone Number backs to the problems of ordinary people (and they are not of course willing to solve them).

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