What kind of digital marketing are you doing? What works? As the Director of Online Marketing at Marketo, I get these asked these two questions all the time. The problem is that these seemingly straightforward questions require complex and nuanced answers. Indonesia Phone Number Mainly because I know the person asking will try and apply the answers to their own digital efforts. To start, what works for one business or audience might not work for another. Not to mention, what works today might not work tomorrow. However, there are a few foundational elements that you can implement that will allow you to determine what will work best for your business and pave the way for success in the future.

I’m Going to Highlight Three Areas Indonesia Phone Number

of digital marketing where you can set a solid foundation for success with almost unlimited potential for optimization. Let’s get digital! 1. Your Website Your website is the most important element of your digital strategy. Indonesia Phone Number It’s your global headquarters in the digital world, and for many prospects, the first destination in their journey to becoming a customer. No matter what your digital strategy is, you need to ensure that your website meets a few basic standards: Immediately explain what your organization does. Don’t assume that your website visitors are familiar with your company. You will have qualified visitors who land on your site with no idea about what you have to offer.

Optimize for Search Engines Indonesia Phone Number

Indonesia phone number
Indonesia phone number

Make sure your website is coded in a way that will allow search engines to access, understand, and rank the content on your pages. Even if you are not investing in continual optimization, you should at least implement the basics so, at the very least, Indonesia Phone Number  your website will show up for searches on your brand name. Optimize for mobile devices. The digital world is increasingly becoming a mobile world, and it’s no longer an option to have a website that is not formatted for mobile devices. And now that Google is splitting its search index into a desktop and mobile version,

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