From life to death. From sick to healthy. From old to new. But how do you actually build a good ritual? Danielle Braun tells all about, you guessed it, patterns in her book Patterns (affiliate). She uses beautiful stories to show the impact of patterns on Qatar Phone Number List our lives and the world around us. Of course, you have an idea of ​​what a pattern is, but I thought her definition was worth sharing.

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Patterns are the footprints of life. An attempt by nature, the creator, logic, chance or whatever you want to call it, to create order out of chaos. To organize what is too big to comprehend. Patterns can be helpful, but if I speak for myself: they often make my life a lot more difficult than it needs to be. It’s not easy to change.

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Change takes place in the ‘meanwhile’. Old patterns are being released, but the new ones have not yet solidified enough to defuse all the chaos. That feels uncomfortable. Anthropologists call this interval the liminal phase. In this phase the change of patterns takes place. Get stuck in the ‘meanwhile’ The trick is not to brush it away ‘in the meantime’ or to hammer it shut with certainty.

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