This campaign consisted of a clothing line with (counterfeit) broken Senegal Phone Number List shirts. Trousers that young people were wearing when they had a train accident. So quite shocking, and the campaign was therefore not to everyone’s taste. Especially not with employees of the NS. The images of the campaign would remind them of the traumatic accidents on the railway they had Senegal Phone Number List to deal with. Photo of the shock campaign: Victim Fashion, created by accident. The campaign’s website showed the torn clothing of the victims, with name and age. According to ProRail, the campaign was badly need because the number of fatal accidents around the track has been increasing since 2016.

Affect Customer Satisfaction

Despite this, the campaign has been halted due to Senegal Phone Number List the criticism. But the goal has been achieve due to the national and even international attention, according to the company. A good example of getting attention with a negative message. Something that, according to ProRail, was necessary to stand out among all social media messages. 2019 was a year full of great Senegal Phone Number List campaigns and striking PR moments. What is your favorite of 2019? Making your website digitally accessible requires a lot of work. Not only must the chosen platform be technically ready. It is also important to update the working agreements within your editorial team. In this article I share 10 editorial tips so that everyone, including someone with a disability, can use government sites.

Senegal Phone Number List

The theme ‘ Accessibility of government sites ‘ is receiving Senegal Phone Number List increasing attention. On September 23, 2020, all external and internal government sites must comply with the ‘ Digital Accessibility Decree ‘. It is important that all people, including those with Senegal Phone Number List disabilities, can use government sites including all documents on them. Everyone has the right to information in this digital world. Photo of people discussing digital accessibility. Digital accessibility requires adjustments in technology and editorial agreements. Technically, the chosen platform must be adapted in time.

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