Videos are becoming an essential tool both in content marketing strategy and in ad campaigns themselves. Thus, 60% of agencies consider that online video ads are already more effective than those on TV, and 70% of CMOs believe that the conversion rate of video content is better than any other format. That video will be an important pillar in the future of content marketing is something we’ve already talked about countless times.

But … What types of video content have  Egypt WhatsApp Number List  the most impact and are the most effective and how can we use them strategically? That is the question they wanted to answer in Ascend2, for which they surveyed different marketers. And according to respondents, customer testimonials (51%), tutorials (50%) and demo videos (49%) perform the best. Below would be interviews with leaders (35%), practical cases (26%), webinars (23%), videoblogs (15%) or videos of events (13%).

Perhaps the main drawback is that customer testimonials are, for about half (42%) the most difficult content to do, followed by practical cases (41%). So it might be wise to go for the second or third most effective content (tutorials and demonstration videos), although, of course, the effectiveness of each video also depends on the type of company and the objectives you want to achieve.

Video effectiveness continues to grow .For a very large 87% of respondents, the effectiveness of video marketing is increasing (43% say the increase is significant and 44% say a slight increase). And only 1% consider that the effectiveness is decreasing. This data is very optimistic when compared to any other format and reflects well the rapid adoption of video in companies’ strategies.

Regarding the objectives that they want to achieve with an effective video strategy, the main one is to publicize the brand (this is considered by 47% of those surveyed), but also to increase online engagement and provide didactic information to the user. Below would be other conversion and sale objectives, which could be reached, indirectly, fulfilling the first.

And how do you assess the effectiveness of video marketing to achieve important goals? Well also very well: 25% consider it very successful, and 60% quite successful. Only 15% are struggling to make video content work.

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