A subtle mistreatment of women as a joke. The addictive game of candy crush on your phone and .A series of non-gentlemanly behaviors. Not to say openly rude. Make up the Tunisia B2B List plot of the new best-known south korean hit of the world. Yes, psy uploaded her “gentleman” video to youtube this week and. The views are increasing by the minute. With the same freak image that made him famous. The singer seems to be about to repeat the plate of total victory. By making this strange techno song go viral.

It Has a Good Workmanship, Interesting Images in Various

I don’t know if it may be that we have already got used to his style. But the audiovisual is closer and despite his rude behavior, quite funny. Sure, it’s a satire that Tunisia B2B List goes totally against the title of the song. Which makes it a simple, light story. It is that at times, it seems that the artist is parodying himself. A big boy who is enjoying his time of glory. The video is more than redeemable, because it has a good workmanship, interesting images in various locations in seoul and. Again plays performing choreographies . This time easier to follow, luckily – together with a group of models that officiates as a dance troupe.

Seven Days Were Enough for “Gentleman” to Get More

Tunisia B2B List

Than 128 million visits on the network. That’s clearly already an achievement, considering that “Gangnam Style” had to wait almost 60 days to get a similar number Tunisia B2B List of views. Along with the above, according to information from the BBC, the song appeared yesterday as the first track on the iTunes download list in more than 42 countries, which is nothing more than a consequence of the success obtained previously. In addition, the music is, as in the first single, very contagious and danceable, which is why it is predicted as the song that we will have to listen to at all the parties this year, tirelessly. .

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