For those of us who are dedicated to generating leads in B2B markets, we have been observing for some time the great confusion that exists among end customers when it comes to implementing a lead generation strategy. In this post we are going to try to do our bit to detail the pros and cons of the different existing models. Among the most effective demand generation techniques, we highlight in order of priority; Specialized Telemarketing, email marketing campaigns, Online Marketing campaigns and finally, although with great potential, inbound marketing actions. Remember that we are talking about B2B leads!

Regardless of the techniques we use, except for inbound, there are 3 basic pricing models for lead generation in the market. We are going to analyze each one of them.

Variable Model or CPL
This model consists of paying a certain amount for each lead provided by our agency. The price range per lead ranges from € 20 to € 180. The more segmented the target, the more technical the offering and the scarcer the demand, the main techniques to use are Telemarketing and email marketing. This model, so demanded by the end customer, has become the real ruin of many marketing agencies and it is often difficult to find quality services under this pricing typology.

Its advantage is, a priori, that of providing greater traceability of the ROI achieved throughout the campaign, something highly valued. But its great disadvantages are, on the one hand, the lower quality of the leads (agencies force the lead many times or they always use the same accounts and interlocutors who are known to be more accessible), the difficulty to quantify and control the leads and the fact of not having visibility of the actions that are carried out in the framework of the campaign or what is the feedback of potential clients on the product / service that is proposed. Something vital for marketing departments.

Useful Prospecting Account Pricing Model
This model continues to be preferred by agencies and clients for the quality of the lead obtained and for the knowledge it allows to extract from the target market. The model consists of paying for each prospecting account (whether there is interest in the proposed solution or not) and the Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List market prices per prospecting account range from € 4 to € 9, logically depending on the number of companies to prospect, size of the same, criteria of segmentation of the DB, and the type of interlocutor to which we address (CIO, CMO, CTO ..), mainly.

Although the calculation of the RIO is more complex, it allows to have a complete visibility of the total cost of the campaign (without surprises). In addition, at the end of the service the databases are usually included with contact emails and comments made by the interlocutors, which is very useful for implementing future recruitment strategies. It is also common to find hybrid models (fixed plus variable) that combine a price per prospective account plus a variable per leads achieved. This model is perhaps the one that best balances responsibility between client and agency, but runs the risk of being excessively costly for the client or ruinous for the agency.

Pricing model for hours spent
The service consists of pricing the hours to dedicate to the project from the resources available in the agency. The way to articulate the service can be within the agency’s own facilities or within the client (In house). This alternative is usually offered for periods of no less than 6 months or a minimum of 2 hours a day (if the resources are within the agency) or when what is required is a service that combines other tasks apart from those of lead generation.

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