So we must take care that our LinkedIn profile shines by itself is easy to find and who knows attracts the attention of those who will hire us in the future. Here are four strategies and various tips for you to achieve your goal of finding a job on LinkdIn. Whether you are looking for a change of scenery want to start from scratch or find something while you take a break from your previous job. Finding a job on LinkedIn starts with taking care of your profile Source: LinkedIn Take care of your LinkedIn profile The starting point for finding a job on LinkedIn is your profile.

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It is your personal and professional page the place where others can know about you. Where are you from what do you do what did you work on in the past what interests do you Buy email list have what can you contribute to your new professional position So we need to dedicate time and effort to it . Over the years LinkedIn has made changes and improvements to the LinkedIn profile. Nowadays you can include an image that identifies you a background image that represents you and makes your page more attractive and sections so that you can make yourself known personally and professionally.

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You can indicate your knowledge ask former colleagues to validate that knowledge make a list of places where you have worked and link them etc. Spend time on your LinkedIn Contact Lists profile. You don’t have to do it in one day. You can make it in several batches. It’s more. It is recommended that you take care of it and every so often you incorporate new content . It is not about making things up but depending on what you are looking for you will have to add keywords associated with that professional profile. When you start reviewing job offers you will see those keywords. Adding them to your profile will help make it easier to find.

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