Customers who give a 9 or 10 are promoters and actively recommend you. So you want that as much as possible. A promoter generates a future revenue that is three times higher than that of customers lower on the NPS ladder. Recommending your Chile Phone Number brand or organization in particular has a sales and turnover-promoting effect. Trends over time Trends that are occurring in the research country are the transition from project to Chile Phone Number program, in other words: the shift from periodic annual or biennial customer surveys – to continuous customer feedback programs with short questionnaires with about 3 to 10 questions. In this the NPS is almost always measured frequently.

Visuals If Necessary

Those who continuously keep a finger on the pulse are better able to focus on the customer experience, focus more on facts and positively influence the recommendation behaviour. What is also different from normal is that we currently live in a time where no one knows what the developments will be. A lot has changed for organizations due to the corona crisis. More working from home, but also a higher workload, especially in the healthcare sector. It is striking, as we have noticed at Integron, that in the corona year there was a high willingness in many sectors to participate in customer surveys. In surveys among employees or residents, we even saw a higher response (more than 80%) than before the corona crisis.


Always Put Yourself Target Audience

Because more people were at home and had more time, they apparently wanted to give feedback. ‘Stricter’ spam boxes Corona or no corona, what we also see is that it is no longer self-evident that you get a high response in customer satisfaction surveys or shorter surveys that you only conduct and send by email. About ten to fifteen years ago, companies still received everything in their mailbox, but the spam boxes are now a lot ‘stricter’ as to which e-mails they do or do not allow. In this case, it is advisable to create engagement. The messages must be found relevant so that the recipient also opens them. In addition, no two mail servers are the same.

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