The metaverse will completely redefine the way Namibia Phone Number we interact, work and play. And although it will take a long time to build its foundations and make it “mainstream”. 2022 is shaping up to be an absolutely decisive year in the history of the metaverse. Throughout the Namibia Phone Number next twelve months. The brands will make a move in this new batch space and will give indications of what their presence will really be like in the metaverse.  That is already on the Namibia Phone Number horizon.

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Apple, Google and Amazon will steal Meta spotlights in the field of the metaverse . Although Meta has been the company around which a good part.  The conversations emanating from the metaverse Namibia Phone Number have orbited in recent months.  In 2022 Apple and Google will probably step into the center to steal the spotlight from. The company led by Mark Zuckerberg  prophesies Tim Parkin in an article for Inc.

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Apple Namibia Phone Number has, after all, a virtual reality and augmented reality device in the oven , but the technical challenges involved in this project could delay the launch of this device. For its part, Google, which has always Namibia Phone Number been a pioneer in the field of augmented reality and virtual reality with projects such as Google Cardboard and Google Glass, will almost certainly pull out of its hat a “wearable” focused on the metaverse.