Generate sales through your online store . An online store by itself will not sell, so you must create traffic and one of the tools. That can help you bring people interested in your product or service is Google Adwords . A campaign on the google display network can help you in your positioning campaign. Hey! Need help? As a Google Adwords Agency we can “give you a hand” to help you achieve better results. Ad Types In the example of the image we show you only one type of ad from the google network. There are several types of ads , however they are basically divided into two Search Network.

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As the name implies, they are found in the browser, as in the previous example. When someone does a search, the ads appear as options for users. Display Network . This type of ads is with image, and allows us to put an image within the pages of the UAE Phone Number google partner network. Example; the advertising banners that we see on web pages. See next image: How does the search network work? In order to generate an ad on the search network, it is necessary to first establish the keywords, that is, with which words you want your ads to appear. This is decided through a keyword analysis that Google Adwords itself allows you to do in its tool. That is, if you sell desks, one of your keywords may be “office desk in villahermosa.

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Why is the above important? This way you make sure that your ads are activated only when people are doing a specific search. Currently when a person needs something the first place they look is Google. You can also choose the geographical location of Contact Lists your ads, demographic segmentations among others. How does the display network work? It works very similar to the previous one, you must also choose your keywords, and make segmentations. This allows you to put image and video ads.

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