way, you can make more informed decisions and not just copy them blindly. Test and measure everything After conducting competitive analysis, the next best thing you should do is to measure the results of everything you’re doing in line with your content marketing strategy. Without data, you’re merely shooting in the dark. Remember the 1,890 word article I mentioned earlier? You can test to see if your audience is actually reading everything or at least scrolling to the end of the posts using heatmaps. And if they’re not, that could be a sign that your content is boring and not engaging enough or they just prefer shorter posts.

Here are some things to consider: Are they scrolling down the page? How many are clicking your calls-to-action at the end of the posts? Which channels are giving you the best ROI? If you’re using advertising, which ads are performing well, i.e., have higher conversion rates? Carry out experiments. Don’t jump headlong into any particular tactic just because it’s working for your competitor. Test until you find out what works for you so you can stick to it. One of the best things about content marketing and life generally is that there are many perspectives. 

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Testing will allow you discover what works for you so you can discard what doesn’t. Wrapping up “The person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.” ~ Matty Mullins Ok, let me rephrase that (thanks, Matty): “The business you should try to be better than is the business you managed yesterday.” Work on improving the Uruguay phone number results you had yesterday, last week, last month or even last year. Because most times you won’t automatically outdo your competitor even if you begin making the right changes to your strategy now. Many factors also determine the results you’ll get. 

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For example, if your competitors have higher domain ratings (Ahrefs) or higher domain authority (Moz), it may be more difficult to rank as easily as they do on the first page of Google if you’re just starting out. Be patient. Be consistent. Steal ideas, but test rigorously. It won’t be sudden, but you can outdo your competitors. You can increase your traffic. You can increase your conversions. can make more money. Maybe you’ll remember this post when you do, maybe you won’t. Either way, I’ll be happy to hear and know your content marketing strategy ideas and suggestions. Guest Author: Iniobong Eyo is a marketing copywriter and content strategist. When he’s not growing your competitor’s traffic and revenue, he’s teaching mathematics at a local high school.

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Email is one of the most effective digital communication channels, and delivers the highest ROI of any marketing tactic (email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent!). It’s also the key to unlocking a consumer’s entire Internet-based life and your new omnichannel marketing strategy. It all starts with the Digital ID. The Digital ID is your pot of gold when it comes to understanding your customers’ online behavior. It’s the crux of who they are on the Internet; a lens into nearly every crucial aspect of their digital footprint. The Digital ID is, in essence, a customer’s

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