Marketers are often tempted to let the technology dictate strategy – however, we need. To ensure that we, the marketer, take the reins and create a meaningful and relevant experience for our customers. Remain in charge of your strategy and allow the technology. To bring it to life.” Email is probably more common in your digital life than you even realize. Think about it. It’s how we: log into accounts, portals, and dashboards; register for webinars, workshops, and courses; subscribe to blogs, podcasts, company updates, promotional notifications, 

And loyalty programs; sign up for events or social programs; download mobile apps, PDFs and guides; make purchases of almost any kind, whether online, via an app, or in-store. So you can see that while email addresses are our Digital IDS, our behavior is omnichannel. The big question all marketers need to be asking right now is, how am I using email as the foundation of my omnichannel strategy? Marketers thinking about omnichannel can get there most effectively by using email addresses to first build flourishing, data-driven customer profiles. 

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As we’ve established by now, the Digital ID allows marketers to note online behavior, the devices a consumer prefers to use, the times they’re most receptive to emails, and dozens of other metrics closely tied to online behavior. After enough interactions, you can then begin forecasting future actions, making inferences about customer preferences, and Venezuela phone number predicting future purchases. In an age where web visitors retargeted with personalized display. Ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website, it’s critical for marketers to offer up desirable, personalized content. Use Digital IDs (aka email addresses) as a prime indicator of where people have been to predict where they’re going and what they’re interested in.

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How to use email as the first step in your omnichannel strategy Now that we’ve discussed the value of the Digital ID (aka email address), let’s dive into how it can be used to as the first step in your path to a successful omnichannel marketing strategy. The trick to omnichannel is to use email as the starting point. From there, you can collect and organize data about customers, then expand into building a personalized web experience, a thriving mobile program and a robust social retargeting strategy. Still, it’s crucial to make email as robust, personalized, and optimized as possible before launching into other channels. Like any new relationship, you don’t want to rush into omnichannel.

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Because of email’s status as the number one marketing ROI channel and its wide-reaching, global capability, setting up email effectively is the most potent omnichannel roadmap to invest in for maximum ROI. Pro tip: Consider your goal. The eventual goal of most digital marketing or B2C approaches is to achieve a true omnichannel strategy, armed with personalized capabilities to maximize revenue: the ability to provide a consistent experience regardless of which channels customers are using at any given moment. The best practice is typically to start with one channel. While we don’t recommend using only email, we do advise most companies we help to start there. The most successful brands we work with began with an email-first

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