There are hundreds of ways to express ourselves every day. From the clothes we wear to the words we choose. The images we share, the music we listen to, the possibilities are endless . With this Iran B2B List introduction, linkedin opened its blog yesterday to announce .  A new feature that will help companies boost their digital marketing strategies . Udi milo , project manager at linkedin was the one who invited users to “show” instead of “tell”. With this new feature a professional portfolio linkedin users will be able to build. Their pages with much richer digital content complementing.

Increased Because People Tend to Use These More Backlinks

The information that their profiles already have. With excerpts from reports, infographics, images and graphics. Creating infographics Iran B2B List to share on company sites and posting. Them on linkedin pages will not only attract other users who are interested in shared topics. But will also be able to attract more followers for companies. According to a study carried out and published on the brafton site. By publishing infographics, the reputation of the company can. Be increased because people tend to use these more backlinks. Causing a rise in google search results.

As We Pointed Out in a Note Yesterday, Images

Iran B2B List

Iran B2B List as well as infographics should be part of content marketing strategies, because they attract a larger audience that is looking for interesting information, in a short time. By creating attractive graphic content we are adding a plus to all our information. LinkedIN begins to put on the nail shoes, adding tools to make the information of its social network more attractive and to be able to continue in the race that other social networks lead without any problem. And while LinkedIN will never have the popularity of Facebook, its usefulness suggests “quality versus quantity.” Without a doubt, the purpose is job connection, more than entertainment and that is also appreciated.

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