Eight conferences, two workshops and the screening (and awards) of the most innovative campaigns. Sitges Next 2016 has already prepared its proposal as a festival of innovation in communication and new media, which will be held on April 29 and 30 at the Prado Casino, the Palau Maricel and the Stämpfli Foundation.

How can we get inside the client’s brain? One of the world pioneers in consumer neuroscience, the Polish psychology professor Rafal Ohme, founder of Neurohm, will show at the Why neuromarketing isn’t only cool but useful conference what techniques are used and which brands have taken advantage of neuromarketing to increase effectiveness in your communication. Ohme has been conducting research on emotions and communication for almost two decades.

Another of the highlights of Sitges Next 2016 will be Creative trends for digital out of home. Tim Last, Director of Products and Services at Grand Visual, will Panama Phone Number List discuss top trends and recent case studies showcasing creative possibilities abroad. Grand Visual is considered one of the most recognized producers of creative technology in London, with clients such as Google, Pepsi, Oreo, Topshop or Disney.

The most notorious and original campaigns on the current scene will be the protagonists in the conference The most innovative ideas change the way of advertising, given by Enric Nel·lo, creative director of Gray Spain. Nel·lo will explain the way in which advertising innovation and new media are combined, backed by extensive experience of more than fifteen years in the digital environment and a wide track record, with great awards such as Fiap, Echo, John Caples or Cannes.

A new workshop is added to the Sitges Next 2016 program. It is about The art of papercraft in the world of brands, which will be offered by the illustrator Lobulo, a reference in the artistic world with more than ten years of experience in various studios of graphic design and marketing in Barcelona. Some of its clients have been prestigious brands such as Google, Coca-Cola, Lacoste, American Express, Gillette, Converse and Bankia, among others. The session will aim to create a free illustration with the papercraft technique.

These novelties complete a program that has already announced conferences on key topics such as Big Data, ethics in advertising, new media, innovation in creativity and art, or Branded Content. In the round table that Sitges Next will dedicate to this last concept, with the confirmed presence of Marc Ros (Aftershare.tv) and Carles Manteca (CCMA) adds Astrid Altadill, expert in Branded & Digital Content in El Terrat, where she is part of Cinergía, a project for Gas Natural that enjoys great notoriety.

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