However, you shouldn’t do it only because it’s fun. Like anything else, gamification can. Be done well and can be done poorly. To avoid bad gamification, always approach it strategically. Identify your stakeholders and their needs, understand your consumers’ pain problems and use gamification to solve them. Guest Author: Alexander Bickov is a Riga-based product designer with over 15 years of experience in UX design and digital marketing. The result was a 44% increase in sales simply by adding social media proof of the firm’s popularity. 

ways to create shareable content 2 2. Conversion Rate involves experimenting with changes to your website and product to achieve higher rates of conversion, measuring small changes, and seeing how users react to them. This is why measuring the effects of your marketing work is a foundational topic for Digital Marketing.  Marketing funnels Funnels are made up of a series of steps. With a certain percentage of people dropping off at each step-down.  Through his work, he aims to connect people and products using strategy, creativity, and technology. Alexander has built digital services and products for many different organizations ranging from small startups to large companies. His writing has been featur in the iOS. App Store, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Business Insider, Forbes, and Big Think. 

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You’re just a little bit curious about all the hype surrounding Messenger bots. Even if you haven’t looked into using them in any more detail than reading the odd blog post, like this one, you probably have an interest in learning what they’re all about. But my Malta phone number question to you is, what’s stopp you from trying them? Let me guess: you’re unsure how to get start, how to use them to grow your business, or you just don’t want to get distract by another ‘new’ strategy. I get it. I felt the same. Notice the past tense. Because here’s the thing – Facebook bots don’t have to be complicated. 

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You could set up your first bot in minutes to start increasing subscribers and building your audience. In this post, I’ll share three killer ways to use Facebook Messenger bots to boost your subscribers and build your email list. social media Guide Free Download The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing for Business First Name * Email * Download Now But first, a little context Why Messenger? Well, as of April 2 17, Facebook Messenger hit 1.2 billion users. Running behind only Facebook (2 billion users) and YouTube (1.5 billion users), it currently sits in joint third place with Whatsapp. 

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Combined messaging apps are now bigger than social networks themselves with the four biggest messaging apps surpassing the four biggest social networks across the total number of users. People are now using messaging apps to do much more than just chat with family and friends. Such as purchasing goods, enquiring about products, ordering pizza, connecting with brands, posting ‘stories’, and watching content. The most exciting prospect of using Messenger for marketing purposes is the results people are getting. Can you remember back to the days when you could achieve 7 %+ open rates and 3 %+ click rates using email marketing? Neither can I.

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