The Bahamas B2B List Nasa has developed, together with google. From images taken by their respective satellites over time. A web page where you can see the clear changes . That the earth has experienced from 1984 to date. It has been a great job to collect all these satellite images. Put them together and upload them to the network.Is there a lack of awareness in the population or are they aware of this situation? Due to the large space they occupy, around 909 terabytes. So they have been processed since 2009.

The ” Timelapse Project ” Has Generated Great Controversy as

It shows The Bahamas B2B List abrupt changes that certain areas of the planet have undergone such as Dubai (before and after the installation of oil companies), the Amazon in South America, the city of Las Vegas, among others places. In The Bahamas B2B List landscapes that we can see on this site, it is possible to clearly notice the increase in desert places, the great deforestation and The Bahamas B2B List enormous number of lakes and rivers that have disappeared over time.

Which Makes Us Think About the Overexploitation of Raw

The Bahamas B2B List

Materials that we are letting it happen on the planet. Here are some places where drastic changes were studied. To see the evolution (or involution) you can enter the project site. These images have caused a furor on social networks and we hope that more people every day become aware that the planet is constantly changing. Now I invite you to comment: Do you think that the climate change of the earth in recent years is natural? Is there a lack of awareness in the population or are they aware of this situation? Are the countries making good decisions regarding this issue?

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