Marketing and music Comoros B2B List get along well . For this reason, the launch of the new falabella collection was quite powerful. The action carried out by mayo for this purpose was a complete success and is still being discussed. Do you want Comoros B2B List to know what it consisted of? Keep reading. The idea of ​​the agency was to bring together the best of fashion with a plus that would motivate the public, especially young people.

Thus, Users Could Not Only Enjoy the Live Sound

To know what will be this season. Then the music took an important place as a hook and involved . Emerging bands – among latina, intimate stranger. Prefiero fernández Comoros B2B List recoleta soundtrack and we are the grand . Which played live for 8 hours on the site specially designed for the occasion look sessions. What was the relationship between music and fashion? The members of the bands, in addition to being musicians, were models for a day. Thus, users could not only enjoy the live sound of these new groups.

Undoubtedly Promoted the Idea and Generated

Comoros B2B List

But also click on their costumes to find out the details of their outfits. Along with the above, a backstage was performed by the actress mayte rodríguez . Which could be followed with an application through the cell phone. The participation of a fashion producer and Comoros B2B List the comments of an emblematic rock figure such as alfredo lewin . Who even referred to topics as specific as “The interactive catalogue”. Undoubtedly promoted the idea and generated word of mouth that resulted in around 10,000 viewers of the action.

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