What insights can be us to summarize the results that meet the objectives of the research 4. Creating a marketing database (Database and Segment Marketing) The final step is to create a marketing database (Database and Segment Marketing) by using a customer database. To create a tool for communicating or stimulating nes or responding to customer nes face to face. (Personaliz Marketing) as well as using customer data for strategies to build good customer relationships such as CRM. Benefits of doing consumer insight Insight is insights that can be us to develop a business in many dimensions. Customer Insight, which is to find insights from customers, is one of the strategies and methods that help develop business in building customer relationships.

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Improving the marketing plan to design better products and services easily as follows helps to prict the future both in terms of income improvement of products and services to the termination. Read more: What is Brand Identity 1. Data Collection Data collection is extracting data from various sources by using MarTech tools, which are currently Finland Phone Number available in many applications, both in open source formats such as Google Trends, which is a popular search engine. of the customer’s service that may occur in order to be able to receive various events more promptly Help determine customer lifetime value (Customer Lifetime Value) because if the lifetime value of the customer is higher The company will be able to expect more income as well.

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Help in doing Personaliz Marketing According to a survey by Epsilon and GBH Insights , 80% of respondents Want privacy from purchasing goods and services By leveraging consumer insights, businesses can Contact Lists more effectively do personaliz marketing that is tailor to each customer segment. As a result, it’s easier to create a CRM for your customer care team. Read more: What is CRM Helps to calculate inventory accurately Leveraging Consumer Insights especially sales data It allows businesses to more accurately forecast their inventory.

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