amdia, a member of the Global Alliance of Data Driven Marketing Association, presented the third edition of the Global Survey where it was demonstrated that advertising and data-driven marketing went from being a reduced discipline to taking a prominent place in the development of offers, messages and experiences that virtually span the point of contact between all customers.

The Global Survey is the most extensive study of its kind carried out by a consortium of marketing associations in order to identify and confirm how data-driven marketing (or DDMA – Data Driven Marketing and Advertising) Mexico Phone Number List impacts business and market growth. The results were obtained through an online survey of 3,283 advertising, marketing, media and technology industry leaders from 18 countries between July and October 2016. In the case of Argentina, it was carried out by amdia.

Data insights evolved to become a central axis of how marketing in business practice acquires advertising, evaluates consumer media, and provides persuasive customer experiences. Rather than just focusing on marketing, CMOs, CEOs, and business leaders are beginning to see the benefits of using DDMA globally and integrating it into other business functions.

Martín Jones, President of amdia, maintains that “technology is constantly changing and this generates a great impact on the way in which customers interact with brands, so that information, data, becomes crucial for driving and taking decisions. business decisions. ”

Some notable results of the survey

Increased reliance on data-driven marketing (DDMA).
The indexes in measurement, segmentation and use of databases improved.
47.6% stated that they will significantly increase their investment in DDMA in 2017.
Regarding channels, social media, digital display and web content are the ones that carry the highest investment – even above the world average – while the percentage of investment in mobile phones continues to increase.
Regarding campaigns, increase the investment in audience analytics and contact with the customer. While not significant as you might expect, there is a drop in traditional campaigns.
Regarding Performance, in Argentina the best evaluated channels in 2016 were Social Media and Mobile, above the global average.
The marketers consulted highlighted that more training and greater knowledge of DDMA is needed among their stakeholders.
Economic conditions, advertising fraud caused by hackers (or robots) and advertising blocking act as the main threats to the practice of DDMA in Argentina.

Just as businesses aspire to secure more personal information from consumers, consumers value transparency and want to know if their data is protected. In the future, trust will play and should play a fundamental role in the strategy of the organization of a business.

The study, carried out jointly by GDMA and the Winterberry Group, subsequently recognized the opportunities that, thanks to information, lie in digital channels and how continued support for these marketing technologies to increase will result in systematic improvements in the business.

The most relevant world data that the survey yielded are

Information has become an indispensable element for marketing: 79.6% of respondents said that customer information is essential for their marketing and advertising strategies, as well as 81.3% and 80.4% of panelists expressed points of similar views over the past two years.

The growth in investment for information reflects the importance that marketing places on the customer and their experience: 89.6% of the panelists said that their DDMA practice was focused, at least partially, on keeping the customer and the information in the future with resources focused on supporting the most relevant offers and customer communication in general.

2016 was “the year of measurement”: A large number of respondents considered their organizations “sophisticated” when it comes to campaign measurement of marketing channels and cross-channel information, as well as campaign measurement by medium of individual marketing channels.

Investment continues to rise: More than 50% of panelists globally stated that they increased their spending on DDMA in 2016 compared to the previous year, while 35.8% said their investment was unchanged. Spending increased most substantially across digital channels and related executive functions, as in the past two years.

DDM Works: In assessing the relative impact of DDMA’s key communication channels, panellists stated that over the past year, the performance

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