For example, the ampersand is regularly used in marketing and branding, as it is part of the names of many well-known brands and even political organizations: H&M C&A Johnson & Johnson Dolce & Gabbana CD&V But be careful: don’t use the ampersand in texts or titles as a standard alternative to the word ‘and’, advises . If it is not a fixed combination, it is better to use and instead of the ampersand. That reads better: This means less maintenance and a longer engine life. The service and maintenance engineer will be on your doorstep within 24 hours.

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We are a bathroom and kitchen specialist. She deals with recruitment and selection, and advises B & W about personnel and organisation. Trema (dieresis) The diacritical mark is a Belarus Phone Number mark , i.e. a sign that is placed or through a letter to indicate the pronunciation. You have often seen the diaeresis: they are two dots next to each other that are usually on a vowel, for example: ë , ï , ü . But what does a trema do? I quote from. The diaeresis is used to indicate the linguistic phenomenon of diesis two consecutive. That are in two separate syllables of as a monosyllabic or diphthong.

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The diaeresis therefore indicates that you pronounce a vowel independently of an adjacent vowel. This is in contrast to pronouncing a vowel as part of a diphthong or sliding vowel, where there is a mix of two adjacent vowels in the same syllable. The image below shows a diaphragm. Thanks to the diaeresis, you know to pronounce the a and the i as two separate sounds. Trema diesis Image source: S&C Type at Creativemarket. But don’t put the diaeresis without thinking in every word where two vowels are behind each other. explains that a diaeresis is not necessary for a reasonable number of vowel combinations, such as ao, ea, eo, ii, oa and ue. After all, there is no chance of a wrong pronunciation, because they cannot be as one  in Dutch.

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