Czech Republic Phone Number List During the crisis caused by Covid-19, most of the global industries suffered a severe blow. The moment the world stopped: shops were closed, production and manufacturing were stopped, and sales, as a result, dropped. The beauty industry, in particular, was heavily impacted, as evidenced by our most recent Marketing Reset report: A Look at the Beauty Industry. Data  experiencing the highest decline on an annual basis during the first quarters of 2019 and 2020 (-17% in Media Impact Value). During the lockdown period, with retail stores temporarily closed and the main means of communication with the outside world shifted to digital platforms,

And How They Connect With Their Consumers.

In order to adapt to the new normal and changes in consumer demand. If we look specifically at the data of the beauty sector. The luxury segment recorded an increase of 9%, while the mass market . And the premium segment decreased by 8% and 29% respectively . Highlighting the impact Czech Republic Phone Number for luxury brand. However, despite the decline. There were a large number of companies in the breakdown by brand. That continued to see positive growth throughout the first quarter compared to 2019. We saw a large number of brands launch campaigns and initiatives that provided consumers educational. And reliable content to generate fun during the crisis. As well as allow them to be self-sufficient during beauty treatments at home .

Three Success Stories, Taking a Look at Some

Czech Republic Phone Number List

Czech Republic Phone Number List of the highlights of the strategies of Nivea , KKW Beauty and Clarins and what they have done in this unprecedented period to continue to drive their brand performance. #BBMoment: 3 brand success stories in response to COVID Luxury beauty – Clarins success story During the first quarter of 2020, Clarins ‘ Media Impact Valued grew by 34% YoY, generating a total of $ 41.4 million in MIV®. In particular, during the months of March and April, not only has the brand gained a lot of ground thanks to the high-level publications that have focused on the brand’s decision to use its factories to produce hand sanitizers to donate to hospitals in France . , but the Instagram account @clarinsofficial also launched the Stay Home With Clarins campaign.


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