When it comes to connecting with young people – we must not forget that millennials are the most coveted public by companies – many brands turn to music. They can choose the trendy song for their spots, they can create their own song, as Pull & Bear did last year, they can collaborate with musicians in a thousand different ways and they can sponsor musical events.

But McDonalds has Lebanon Phone Number List wanted to go a step further to propose an interactive experience in the fast food restaurants themselves. In the Netherlands, consumers, who order a Happy Meal incidentally, can also record their own compositions in a makeshift recording studio. And the fact is that the tray in which you take the hamburgers to your table now includes a technological paper that connects to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, forming an original mixing table. This original recording studio allows you to work with synthesizers, audio loops, musical effects and your own voice so that everyone can create their own compositions.

This initiative is called McTrax, and it consists, as we said, of a technological paper that has been manufactured using a type of conductive ink and a small battery. It has 26 digital contact points that, when pressed, offer different functionalities, and you just have to connect your smartphone to start composing and creating by mixing the various effects. The phone would function as a loudspeaker, while all the functionalities are integrated into the tablecloth that works associated with an app.

Without a doubt an original idea that is already causing a sensation among Dutch teenagers (and not only), especially among fans of electronic music. It is not strange to find boys singing while eating now! And at the end of the session, they can take the recording studio (that is, the tablecloth) home, and keep using it until the battery runs out.

From McDonalds they have commented that the success of this pilot experiment with McTrax makes it susceptible to being exported to other countries, so perhaps one day we can also see it in Spain. McDonalds isn’t the only one turning paper into a mixing console

Without a doubt for McDonalds this is a good way to connect with its customers, to offer them an interactive experience and to be talked about, but they are not the first to turn a role into a mixing table connected to the mobile, playing with the concept of nostalgia, and combining the physical and online world.

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