“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.” – Seth Godin

Mass customization identifies the ability to carry out the needs and desires of customers (Pino, 1993). In the millennial era and Z, customers have their own ideas about their products (Ahmad, Schroeder, & Mallick, 2010) (EmanueldeBellisa, DavidE.Sprott, AndreasHerrmann, Hans-WernerBierhoff, & ElkeRohmann, 2015).

The internet has modified and revolutionized traditional manufacturing businesses, allowing us to know during the sale process, personal information of consumers, their tastes, reviews, reason / s for purchase, among others, in addition to being able to validate if the consumer enjoyed the products and / or the services provided (Xu, Chen, & Zheng, 2015) (Su, Chang, & Ferguson, 2004).

The Internet, Big Data and data mining are the foundation of businesses, as they have the potential to respond quickly to changing customer needs. Even through community marketing, the results have had a profound transformation in business when it comes to talking about mass production (Silveiraa, Fogliattob, & Fendyur, 2014). Colombia Phone Number List Community marketing allows the mass production process to be carried out in a personalized and anticipated way, since consumers (Community members) choose, propose and say what they are looking for, want, how and where. A great example; is Local Motors, a company that only produces the number of units demanded by the members of the community, in addition they are the ones who are in charge of designing and or modifying the items to their liking and measure.

The Mass Customization marketing tool offers the buyer the opportunity to customize a product according to their priorities, at a price driven by a mass produced item. We increasingly find the slogan “Do it yourself” in the market, it is not a phenomenon or lifestyle, it is a movement that affects society and therefore marketing and companies (Gracia & Katharina Winkelhues, 2016).

By using the Just-In-Time method, exactly what is necessary is produced in the shape, size, colors and flavors that our clients or consumers want to have it in the right place and time (Aigbedo, 2009). Some of the main companies to understand these models and put them into practice and or use the combination of these two methods were; Nike “Nike ID” and Adidas “My Adidas”, who discovered individualized demand for products in athletes.

Zara is one of the companies that uses the postponement method (Evaluation of postponement structures) for mass customization, since they leave the semi-finished product in order to adapt and deliver it according to the indications or tastes of consumers, this in order to satisfy the growing and changing demands of customers (Su, Chang, & Ferguson, 2004) (Dhan Singh, 2016).

Mass customization is an increasingly used strategy to create value through product customization. Meeting customer needs, while keeping costs low and increasing the profitability or profit of the company. Consumers are not only looking for lower prices and superior value, they also want individual solutions for their unique and specific needs (Matzler, Stieger, & Fu? Ller, 2011) (Garbie, 2016).

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