That’s right disney marvel studios and the russo brothers reapply last year’s formula. The decide to release a new trailer for avengers. Endgame during the big game. Super bowl liii between the new england patriots and la rams is the perfect excuse for a large list of brands . And producers to launch ads trailers. Or teasers during the broadcast. As we have already mentioned in other publications. The cost for a 30-second slot during the nfl championship game averages $5.2 million. According to forbes, fortune and cnbc. For many it is costly due to the decline in audience. That the super bowl has shown. However, it still attracts more than 100 million viewers .

Disney And Marvel Seek To Repeat The Formula Just As Last

Year the producers surprised with a new trailer for infinity. War for super bowl liii now this great showcase is used again. Although this time it is a spot. Despite being only 30 seconds long, the preview shows several details that would add to the expectation. That disney and marvel want to arouse for avengers: endgame. The first official trailer for avengers. Endgame which in a single day exceeded 289 million views. Surpassing the 230 million views achieved by infinity .War, last year. The russo brothers anticipated. It posted on their twitter account an invitation for fans to turn on their televisions, in a clear allusion to the super bowl.

In the Spot We See a Captain America Without a Beard

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In fact he looks younger, Black Widow training hard, Ant-Man is also preparing.  Hawkeye is shown again. The scenes will add to the theories that have been developed since the end of Infinity War and that exploded even more with the  Endgame teaser. In the end, it is a great movement that is already having its effect on the media and on the digital conversation, which will feed the expectation on the way to the premiere on April 26.

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