This is a true story that some will already know. Maybe many. However, if a few do not know it, I think it is worth retelling. Paraphrasing a baroque author we can summarize “how women began to smoke.” Perhaps it was the first time that knowledge of the human psyche met with his alter ego, the urge to sell. Hunger and the desire to eat came together. Scientific techniques were applied to sales for the first time. If you want to call it the birth of modern marketing when it comes to consumer insight, I let you do it. The first and perhaps the best marketing action in history, in which until then they were simple unknown consumer minds.Far from sounding like conspiracy and obscurantism, I intend it to be enlightening.

“It was 1929 in the US, a few months before the well-known stock market crash. American tobacco considered how to increase tobacco consumption. Cameroon WhatsApp Number List Men smoked already, with few exceptions, so it launched itself on the lookout for the female market. Women did not They smoked, it was socially unacceptable to see a woman smoke in the macho North American society of the golden 1920s. And it had to be said, they did not demand the product at first, they did not find it attractive, and there was no reason for it.

At that time, Eduard Bernays was swarming among the large corporations of the time, a guy who said that he could make people consume things they don’t need, and even that they don’t even want or even consider suing directly. This was promised by making use of unsatisfied desires and the subconscious itself. American tobacco got the tune and went crazy for music. “If this guy is right, we can sell twice as much tobacco as we have up to now. Let’s try.” And so it was done. Eduard Bernays spent time studying in detail the American woman of the time, her behavior, her desires, etc … to see how the cigarette fit first in her mind and then on her lips. First he had to know what was the symbolic meaning behind a cigarette in the society of the time, the metaphor that he evoked. The conclusion was that cigarettes could be defined as a symbol of the superiority of men over women and of the power they wielded in such a macho society, since they could not smoke. If one of them did it secretly, she could be treated as little less than crude, and liberal, without a man to have by her side and to whom she “belonged.” It was seen as a phallic symbol.

-I’m sure if these taboos begin to disappear we can achieve it- Bernays must have thought, since on the other hand he had seen how women in that society so corseted and with so much lack of freedom for them, had a lethargic desire that was stretching very virulence: the desire for freedom. In fact, only 9 years ago women’s suffrage had been approved in the US. Bernays’s plan was already outlined, he would link the cigarette with the desire for freedom. (What if he had wanted to increase the sale of cigars among men? Perhaps he would have linked the symbolism of the cigarette itself to the great image of “macho” that we have in mind? Perhaps the Marlboro cowboy came out of there? ).

The awakening of that desire for freedom for women was going to be suddenly. On March 31 the Easter parade was celebrated in New York. The plan was for a group of young and well-orchestrated girls to sneak into that Easter parade, and the moment they passed through the place of maximum influx, where the authorities were located, they would all take out a cigarette, light it, and begin to to smoke. Earlier, Bernays had leaked to the press that there was a group of women who wanted to claim their right to smoke freely without prejudice during the parade, so the reporters were even more vigilant.

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