The world is going very fast. Internet has made times have been reduced a lot and that everything is much faster than ever. Things happen quickly, and the response to them comes just as quickly. Everything is absolutely accelerated and everything has to happen at the exact moment. Brands have learned their lesson and started to apply it. In internet time, consumers cannot stay for days waiting for the response to that tweet, they cannot have to spend days to days waiting for that package Cameroon Phone Number List that they have bought in the online store to arrive and they cannot be subject to reduced hours to solve your doubts with customer service. The world turns faster than ever and everything has to be done ‘for now’.

And this is a fact, a reality. Brands have to be more efficient than ever in terms of time and they have to have established the necessary mechanisms so that things happen as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible. Time has turned to gold, as the saying goes, now gold more valuable than ever.

But in this new playing field, this one in which everything is going so fast and in such an accelerated way, brands begin to confuse certain elements and get carried away by certain ideas that are not really so successful. Yes, it is true that everything has to be very fast and everything has to go very fast, but, as a basis for all of this and as a tool for all of this to really work, brands have to start from a concrete base and an exact reality: To be able to succeed in the world of speed, they will first have to have done a calm job and with objectives not for the immediate in the field of their marketing strategy. Or, what is the same, they must have applied the principle of ‘dress me slowly, I’m in a hurry’ to their marketing strategy.

And it is that the mix necessary for a company’s marketing bet to be a success has to start from three key elements, three elements that seem to be somewhat overshadowed in this ‘for now’ tyranny. The brand needs time, strategy and talent. Talent is essential. Companies need professionals who really know what they are doing, who have those skills and who are up to date with the needs of the market. Taking into account that the world of marketing has changed a lot in recent years and that more and more specific profiles are needed with very specific domains in the digital world, the more valuable it is, therefore, to find the professional who fits with it.

Strategy is equally crucial. Brands cannot stumble in their proposals and strategies and they need to prepare well what they are going to do and what they hope to achieve. They need to know where they want to go in order to choose the exact and most suitable path to achieve that end. It is not enough to cover holes and go out to step. Brands need to be clear about their goals.

And, finally, and very importantly, brands have to be clear about time. Even in this fast-paced world where everything is going very fast and where things seem to be sifted by the question of what to expect and the path to follow to achieve it.

You will not succeed overnight
Anyone who has had to make proposals to brands and defend communication projects on the internet, may have come across certain behaviors on more than one occasion. There are the brand managers who hope to go viral overnight with a video or those who want their Facebook profile to accumulate millions of followers in, say, three weeks. And, likewise, it is very recurrent who want to sign someone to carry their social networks or their online strategy for two months and ‘then we’ll see’.

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