The results for 2016 look very positive for. The real estate market thanks to exceptionally. Low-interest rates and incentive government aid. Suggesting a Panama Phone Number Director’s Managers Email Lists real recovery in the sector. The volume of sales would also be on. The way to reaching records this year (+19% between august 2015 and august 2016). Equaling or surpassing the historic record of 2007. From 2008 the real estate market had experienced periods of difficulty. But it seems that the buyers are back to Panama Phone Number the rendezvous. Ten years later, real estate and its actors have evolved a lot. Digital is now at the heart of our habits, changing the customer journey of buyers.

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Real estate players have therefore embarked on Panama Phone Number digital transformation phases to better adapt to the digitization of the sector and satisfy increasingly connected and demanding buyers. What is the profile of today’s real estate buyers? The crisis and the increase in real estate prices that have shaken the market in recent years have inevitably changed the typical profile of Panama Phone Number buyer. The decline in age, increase in financial contribution and income, duration of the loan, etc. But consumer habits have also evolved along with technological advances. What does the typical profile of a buyer look like today in the digital age? search-into-mobile The portrait of real estate buyers,

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Buying for the first time: first-time buyers. The latter are  Lists mostly young executive couples with one child and are on average 34 years old (compared to 32 in 2007). Single people buy a property at an average age of 35 for a man and 38 for a woman. ( Source: Ifop ) The various studies on this subject also tend to show that even if buyers today have higher incomes and more substantial financial contributions, they are going into more  debt. Buyer behavior: new habits In ten years, technological and digital advances have considerably changed our consumption habits and our lifestyles. In an increasingly nomadic and connected world, the behavior of future real estate buyers has also evolved, both in their search phase and in contact with real estate agencies.

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