Search engine advertising has proven to be very profitable for companies, year after year different companies around the world decide to bet on ads and it seems that it is a tenure that will not change soon, as revealed by statista , the the compound annual growth rate for search advertising will be 6.6 percent from 2019 to 2023, resulting in a market volume of 134.6 billion dollars by 2023. Due to the relevance of search engine campaign development, today we will share some of the main trends in google ads, the main platform used for the development of these actions. Trends in google ads present in 2019: According to data compiled by marketing land.

The Following Are Critical Trends That Google Ads Will

Experience over the next few months that could have a major impact on companies that develop search engine marketing. Smart features As the first of the trends in google ads. The proliferation of intelligent Buy Austria WhatsApp Numbers features on the platform for this year stands out, however it is an aspect that can present complications but offer advantages. The relatively recent switch from google adwords to google ads came with new features. Including more automated and intelligent options like smart campaigns. With new and updated tools built right into the platform. Updates have great potential. However the effects they can produce will be positive or negative. In the case of professionals with experience. It is an aspect that opens the door to better possibilities. However, for novices in online advertising search engines things can get more confusing.

One of the Consequences of the Updates Is That Google

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Ads will not be a completely automatic space. Experts who are familiar with the platform will easily take advantage of the new features. Gaining an advantage in manual and automatic ad creation. To create good campaigns, brands will need a considerable amount of knowledge and experience about google ads. Therefore, developing alliances will be important. Increased costs and resources needed according to data shared by marketing . Land, 95 percent of the income (we are talking about billions of dollars) that google receives comes from advertising. Although this may be a good thing for google. For companies it can mean problems, especially if that percentage increases because. It means that more and more companies are using advertising in the search engine.

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