Instagram story ads the second due to the great promise. That instagram currently represents. It is to be expected that thousands, or even millions. Of brands seek to address this space with campaigns that allow them to obtain results. As we recently highlighted , the social network has positioned itself important way . And could be the main platform for digital marketing this year. In fact, hootsuite highlights that 80 percent of users follow . A brand and that 72 percent of them have bought a product that they saw on the platform. Knowing this digital space is undoubtedly key, and for this reason. In this post we share some instagram ads formats (particularly video) . That you should know to develop good campaigns that provide results.The instagram ads formats.

What Are the Instagram Ads Formats That Brands Can Currently

In-feed video ads the first of these instagram . Ads formats that social media professionals should be aware of is in-feed ads. With the same look & feel of standard posts made by accounts a user follows. These video ads blend seamlessly into Colombia WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists people’s feeds offering a more natural way to reach your target audience. Because the feed is a recurring space where users arrive. But don’t click many times or stop to interact while scrolling through posts. This format is ideal for increasing brand awareness. To use it correctly, it is recommended to create videos that blend naturally into the feed, that is. The videos should not have so many promotional features.

Instagram Story Ads the Second of the Instagram Ads Formats

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Can also be considered video, however, they are short pieces. In case you haven’t noticed, we are talking about instagram stories ads. These limited-duration (24-hour) full-screen video ads can be shown between. The stories of the nearly 400 million daily active users found in .This particular space on the platform. In instagram stories, advertiser content has that look & feel of a normal post. However, advertisers can choose from a wide variety of features to enhance the ads. For example with special effects, filters for faces. Effects of video and text layers that allow .

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