With this analysis we can identify how we can advertise in the Google Adwords network. If you want to know more, we invite you to visit the Google site, they will guide you step by step on how to carry out your campaign here or if you want a Google Adwords agency to help you create your campaign, contact us Differences between Community. Manager and Social Media Manager Author Naomi R. Dominguez 11 September. 2017 Social networks Leave a comment Modified February 16, 2021 Cover of the article of differences between CM and SMM. Community Manager and Social Media Manager, isn’t it the same? Most companies continue to confuse these positions, I’ll tell you why: they have a common purpose and that is to communicate through social networks.

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If both have the same end, what differentiates them? It’s simple: the two play a different role in the communication process. In this article you will know what it is. As well as its responsibilities and abilities to be clearer about their differences. Accompany me! INDEX Disguise one Definitions of community manager and social media manager 2What does a UK Phone Number social media manager do? 3What does a community manager do? 4Differences between Community. Manager and Social Media Manager 5Knowledge and skills that each one must have 6How to be a more. productive community manager and social media manager? Definition of Social Media Manager and Community Manager To get into the matter, I will begin by defining the concepts.

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The Social Media Manager is the person in charge of planning. the ideal approach in social networks, for a product through strategic actions. It is the person Contact Lists who answers, among others, the following questions: “what are we going to measure. What value are we going to assign it?. Instead, the Community Manager is in charge of managing. And administering the different digital communities considered in the social media strategy.

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