You can use the data from Google Analytics to create a reasonable profile of your average visitor, such as gender, age, location and device. This also applies to newsletters: share some old newsletters and their statistics, such as open rate and click-through rate. Competitors Personally, I always enjoy getting to know a customer’s three Tunisia Phone Number a look at their website and social media channels. What kind of content do they create? That helps the copywriter determine how your text can be better than that of your competition. If the copywriter does the keyword research, it is also useful to know the competitors to see which SEO terms.

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Sources Especially for larger assignments, I always share the contact details of colleagues or other parties who know a lot about the subject. For example, the copywriter always has a reliable helpline at his disposal and it often provides valuable input that can be used in the content. For example a quote. That makes a blog a lot more personal. I hope this checklist will help you and that you will see the quality of your texts improve. Really sit down before making a briefing, because that will save you a lot of time, money and frustration later on. Good luck! In addition to the increasingly complex privacy rules of the well-known socials and the negative stories about manipulation and advertising, the big boys themselves increasingly decide what followers can and cannot.


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Certain topics are removed, and even entire profiles are suspended. Of course, this isn’t so much “news” as widespread events such as Trump’s ban seem to speed up the search for alternatives. Out of curiosity, I dived into these ‘new’ platforms. What are the most notable alternatives to keep an eye on right now? Trump’s Switch From Twitter To Gab Where can Donald Trump go after being banned from Twitter? NOS wondered this. What do you do if you lose 88 million followers at once because. A platform decides you are no longer welcome? Then you look for an alternative. Where can Donald Trump go after being banned from Twitter? To Trump, this alternative appears to be the platform Gab .