In online marketing campaigns it is common to capture records, or what is the same, Leads, that is, contacts who have shown interest in our product / service and therefore have given us their data, or through a landing page, phone, social networks, email, registration form, …

These Leads simply request information from us but are not yet ready to make a purchase so it is necessary to develop a “Lead Nurturing” strategy or Honduras Phone Number List what is the same, keep you informed and linked to us periodically and as personalized as possible by offering valuable information until you decide to make your purchase.

Therefore, Lead Nurturing is the strategy based on building effective, relevant and permanent relationships with our potential consumers, establishing a relationship of trust, taking into account the process in which it is within the purchase cycle, so that purchase our product / service. Lead Nurturing will help us:

Identify which users are ready to buy.

Get those users who are not prepared receive valuable information that prepares them for the purchase.
We will build these relationships of trust between the brand and the user through an automated and personalized email marketing strategy, delivering the correct and quality message to the ideal audience at the most appropriate time.
Therefore, it is important to have our potential customer well defined and to know their purchase cycle. Some examples of automated emails are:

Welcome email once you register on our page, landing, blog … * Emails offering content of interest adapting them according to your response (if you open them, if you click, time spent, from which device you open it, opening time …). * Email with personalized offer. Once the purchase is made, we must continue sending automated emails to build customer loyalty with:
Thank you email for the purchase made. Offering other similar products, discounts, invitations, exclusive content …
Loyalty emails requesting information about your satisfaction.

Benefits of Lead Nurturing
The benefits of creating a good automated email marketing strategy or Lead Nurturing are:

Increase the number of potential customers who go to sales and therefore obtain a greater return on investment. The 47% of the Leads that have followed the maturation process make purchases.
Accelerate the purchase process and therefore reduce the duration of the sales cycle and its cost. Companies that develop Lead Nurturing generate more qualified leads with 33% less cost.
Save time for the sales department since when classifying the Leads we will stop wasting time on those that we already know are not going anywhere. This is how we will get to know them better, thus making more effective campaigns. Companies that develop Lead Nurturing generate 50% more qualified leads for sale.
Quick contact when dealing with automated emails. Which will help us respond to a hot Lead with a high interest rate.
A study by showed that between 35-50% of sales are made by the salesperson who answers the question or need first.

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