Namibia B2B List With the intention of involving the followers and consumers of the brand in its construction. In addition to knowing what they need and want. Kit kat has launched a new marketing. Strategy on facebook to promote the launch of a new flavor of their products. It is an application called “save your flavor” . Where users can choose between three new flavor options. Orange splash cool mint or cookies & cream from their smartphone . The interesting thing about this strategy is the voting method it employs.

When the User Interacts With Any of the Three Activities

Easy taxi and its application to be just Namibia B2B List a click away. Digital advertising will represent 20% of total spending in 2014 . Once the user accesses the application page on facebook. A personalized qr code is generated. Which when scanned with a smartphone leads to a game in. Which the mobile Namibia B2B List device becomes a glass of milk to dip cookies. An orange juicer or mint leaves that must be shaken. When the user interacts with any of the three activities. The application detects the movement and links.

The Strategy Has Been Created at a Strategic Level

Namibia B2B List

Namibia B2B List it to what is seen from the computer, so that the smartphone works like a remote control in a video game. By meeting the goals of each activity, the user will have voted for his favorite flavor. This campaign is supported by other traditional and digital media , with which users will be able to follow the television spots that are part of a web series that complements the action from youtube . The strategy has been created at a strategic level by the jwt agency , while the development of the facebook application and the series on youtube was carried out by buzz marketing networks .

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