One of the key elements of the plot of Amélie, the French film that became an influence for so many things a few years ago (and was one of the clear examples of the boom of ‘buenrrollismo’), were the acts of kindness that the protagonist. Without looking for more interest than making others happy, Amélie carried out different positive actions that improved the lives of other people, chosen from her environment. Amélie’s acts of kindness served to develop the plot and can now serve as marketing lessons for companies. Because the latest trend in marketing is that application of good roll: companies have to perform acts of kindness in order to reach the hearts of their consumers.

The rules of the game are clear. Companies do not have to choose the protagonists of these campaigns for  Georgia WhatsApp Number List  commercial reasons. These acts of kindness are not a matter of loyalty card points or spending amounts. Not exceeding X euros on the shopping list do you get these results: the choice is random, it is almost random and depends a lot on luck (or on factors that go beyond marketing elements, at least apparently). The objective has to be clear: the brand has to be trying to make its consumers happier. And period.

These types of campaigns should not be used to achieve (apparently) other things. It is not worth doing an act of kindness and when the consumer is jumping for joy, having him cover a form to turn it into a lead.

One of the clear examples of this type of campaign and one of the most popular is the campaign that KLM developed a few years ago. He christened it KLM Surprise and followed his consumers on social networks to offer them little details at the airport. It was a real bombshell. They got (and we’re talking 2012) a million impressions on Twitter.

It was not the only airline that understood the value of these types of actions. Spanair (long before he disappeared) ran a Christmas campaign that was also very successful: his travelers on a Christmas flight did not receive their luggage. They received Christmas gifts from the company.

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