This is when you end a sentence with the intention of having your readers fill in the meaning. This is a technique that can be used to indicate sadness or even longing for something. Also read: English words in the Dutch language: a no-go? Superscript A superscript is text that is smaller than the rest of the text on the line. It can be a letter or a number that you position in the place you see in the image below. (The image shows the superscript at the bottom and the subscript at the top, more on that later.)

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superscript subscript Image source: Wikipedia There are many uses of superscript, including scientific formulas, mathematical expressions, and specifications of both Albania Phone Number and chemical compounds. When you look at a superscript, it’s usually fatter than a normal symbol. This is because font designers need to set it heavier, bold, or medium in font than a regular, smaller letter would be. The purpose of this strategy is to draw the reader’s attention to its importance. Subscript A subscript is a character that is set lower than the normal writing height.

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It is the superscript counterpart we above. It’s a character you find below the baseline of a line of text. Like a superscript, it is used to denote a wide variety of things. Such as mathematical expressions, formulas, and specifications of chemical compounds and isotopes. Subscript Image source. Wikipedia Subscripts can be. With the bottom line, or they can be just below the baseline. Subscripts aligned with the underline are relatively rare. Title The tittle is a small but important diacritic mark.

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