The above shows that the strategies behind the advertisements are adapting. Especially this last branch. As it is being presented as a new development that is beginning to revolutionize. The way in which brands want to approach the consumer. And the response has not been vague at all. Today, it has been shown that connecting with users requires more than just an action. The trick is to reach your mind through trends. For example, if they respond using digital devices and smartphones . Interacting on social networks or instant messaging apps . It is normal that advertising actions can reach this type of platform. With initiatives that are adjusted to the conversation of users.

This Aspect Has Resulted in a Growing Consumer Desire to Improve

Their technological capacity, to a greater extent. Until the previous year, google indicated that searches through .Its mobile application had increased 20; so far,.Amazon has already sold more than 20 million echo and alexa devices. At the same time, figures from  qatar mobile numbers database  microsoft indicate that. Its voice assistant, cortana, has more than 133 million monthly active users .And apple indicates that more than 40 million people use siri within their devices. Now, if brand strategists plan to reach another type of audience,.Away from the generations that know how the digital behavior landscape is today.

In This 2019, It Seems That Many Companies Need to Present

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Marketing plans applicable to all types of audiences.  The millennial or z generation can be part of this, for example. As technology continues to evolve. There are endless ways that voice search can positively impact. The lives of baby boomers . Thus, brands must pay attention to what matters most to baby boomers. And create business opportunities based on that. In fact, google reports that nearly 37 percent of consumers age 50 and older. Use its voice assistant.

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