In recent years, the Internet and everything related to the network has exploded. With the appearance of a multitude of websites and blogs, the sources of information have increased, in the same way that content and access to information have grown. Companies have shown that the best way to reach the customer and the target audience is by offering quality content and with proven information. But they have also observed that not everything goes and that in order to offer quality content, research and a good content marketing strategy must be carried out. But what are the keys to a good content strategy?

Content marketing or content marketing is a marketing strategy that consists of creating relevant and quality content in order to attract our target audience. This strategy is based on the belief that our customers will reward our quality content with their loyalty. In addition, producing quality content is one of the main strategies for search engine positioning. Content marketing also helps us build trust and credibility in our brand.

Keys to creating a good content marketing strategy

Define your goals
As the pedagogue Laurence J. Peter used to say: “If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up somewhere else.” That is why the first step, and one of the most important when defining your content marketing strategy well, and any strategy in the marketing world, is to set clear objectives. What do you want to get? There can be many valid answers to this question: leads, branding, positioning, sales, loyalty, creating a community of users.

There is no better answer than another, you simply have to be clear about what you are developing your content marketing strategy for and work accordingly to those objectives.

Once you have answered the question, you must quantify your objectives to be able to Ghana Phone Number List measure them and know if the procedure you are following is appropriate. Verbalize and quantify your goal. For example: My goal is to increase traffic this summer. I’m going to measure it with Google Analytics. The goal is to have increased by 15% in two months.

Define your target
Before launching into creating content appropriate to the objectives that you have previously defined, you must answer other questions. The first one is who your target audience is going to be, the one that consumes the content you are going to create. To help you in this task try to “personify” this target.

Create a person, what is called a buyer person, who embodies the characteristics of your target. You must define different characteristics:

Demographic traits: age, sex, occupation, purchasing power, educational level …
Lifestyle: hobbies, interests, tastes, concerns, consumption habits …
Relationship with the Internet: what sites you visit, how you are going to find you, what use you make of social networks, what devices you use, knowledge of the web …
Once you are clear about who your target is, you must decide which content best suits its characteristics. What type of content do they need, what formats are you going to use -article, videos, photographs, infographics …- and where are you going to distribute it.

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