Last week we talked about the Tanzania B2B List irremediable presence of this application that has an impressive number of users around the world and that processes more than 18 million messages per day. His co-founder and ceo of the company, jan koum made a shocking statement during an online conference this morning. “whatsapp is now bigger than twitter, which claims to have 200 million monthly active users. The company – whatsapp – processes eight billion incoming messages and 12 billion outgoing messages,” koum said this morning on the streaming d: dive into mobile , organized by the all things d site.

It Happens That the Success of the Application

Tanzania B2B List Which was only launched in 2009. Seems to have no borders and there are plenty of reasons. Starting with its immediacy,. Its free nature and its scope. Not for nothing, companies like google have openly expressed . Their interest in Tanzania B2B List buying the company, but so far there is no interest in selling. “We expect a world with billions of phones,” koum said. “and once that happens. It will be extremely easy to monetize. But a lot more people have to join the smartphone revolution and a lot more people will need to buy more goods through their phones. However, koum assures that the app will follow his anti-ad philosophy . “We have an anti-advertising manifesto,” he said. And we are proud of it.

Who Likes Advertising ? We Are So Bombarded With

Tanzania B2B List

Tanzania B2B List ads in our daily lives that we think our phones are not the place for it. Our phones are so intimately connected to us, to our lives. Putting advertising on a device like this is a bad idea. Nobody wants to be interrupted by ads, when he is chatting with the ones he loves” he sentenced. After that, he pointed out that their profit strategy, which implies only one dollar a year, is enough for them. Yes, because you must remember that the application is only free for the first year. But who wouldn’t want to pay that dollar to stay connected? And if the users continue to increase as before, they clearly do not need to earn more. “We want a great product and a great user experience,” he finally said. Koum forgets that advertising does not only consist of advertisements and that of his company goes .

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